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Please find below a list of key services that Bigfoot provides. You can filter these services by 'Age' via the links on the right. You can also refine your search for Programmes and Workshops by typing into box below - e.g. Black History Month, Anti-Bullying, Creative Writing, Drama, MFL, etc.

Extended Services

The Bigfoot people have been teaching the arts to children for thousands of years, long before any school was invented, so its only right that Bigfoot Arts Education provides schools with the very best artistic programmes for their children after school!


It’s not easy filling the shoes of your absent teachers, especially for a whole term, but Bigfoot fills those shoes with lots of creativity, enriching curriculum subjects with a vast array of performance and creative arts skills. Kids just can’t get enough of it! Time flies when your having fun!

Creative Supply Services

It’s official! No more boring supply days! Instead of kids dreading the ‘agency’ you can now have your lessons taught creatively by a Bigfooter, and for the same cost! Happy Days are here again!

Assembly & Workshop Projects

The best things sometimes come in small projects! Is that right? Never mind! These projects are run by Bigfooters and include an assembly for the whole school to watch, lovely resources for the teachers to use and extra fun workshops to explore the learning further. But what do they learn? Oh yes!! Each little special project supports literacy, PSHE, SEAL and multi cultural events. Take a look.

Performance Skills

A chance for students to show off big style! We put the spotlight on you to learn juggling and tumbling or to act like a clown. Learn to dance hip hop style or rap to the beat of the bard. Slap yourselves in comic style or perform a scene with a mask, we have a workshop for all kinds of specialist skills.


You’ve got an idea! Its not one of ours, and you need some help with it. Brilliant!! We love working with schools and organisations to create special projects for your children. With Bigfoot, skies the limit and no task is too small or too large so if you want something please get in touch.


Oh no he isn’t? Oh yes he is! Every year Bigfooters dress up to be extra silly in our schools pantomime tour! They really are seriously silly! If you’re lucky enough your school may even see Bigfoot himself! But we don’t only do pantomimes. Oh yes you do!

Training Courses

There’s always room for improvement, and Bigfoot provides a wealth of courses for arts practitioners, teachers and Bigfooters to improve their skills and knowledge. Lets see what courses we have lined up for the year ahead, some of which are run by our friends.

Early Years

Bubbly, bouncy, laughing children who look at everything with such awe and wonder will be taken on a Bigfoot journey to discover and explore the enjoyment of creative learning.


Bigfoot makes it safe for them to explore their creativity and to find their spark. We help them to take risks in their learning, increasing the fun with each new challenge so they become confident and bold, ready for the new world of secondary school!


We help young people to elevate their skills because its time for them to take the reigns; to show people what they can do. It’s time to lead, time to create and time to push the boundaries.

Inset & CPD

As you’ve already gathered Bigfoot is all about learning wonderful creative skills. As well as working with children we also work with extra big children called teachers and we help them to learn lots of different creative skills so they can use those skills in the classroom, which is where they work. Teachers can come to us or we can come into your school and there are different programmes on offer to suit your requirements


Bigfoot is not just for children and young people… Absolutely anyone who suspects they have Bigfootish dramatic tendencies, no matter how small, can work with us to learn how to use creative arts as an educational tool- no previous experience is required!


\r\n Rewarding our students with certificates and awards helps to build confidence and self-esteem. See below what we can offer."

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