Narrowing the Gap

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Narrowing the Gap; Creative Achievers


Our methodology is simple; we use the ideas and interests of the student, along with the skills and expertise of a Bigfoot facilitator ‘Bigfooter’, to raise the attainment levels of underachieving students.

Bigfoot’s ‘Creative Achievers’ programme offers schools a way to creatively engage with students who may be struggling to access education within a standard statutory learning environment. Our work allows children to express themselves freely in a safe and non-judgmental environment so that they feel able to take risks and make mistakes. A child cannot move forward if they have barriers to learning - low self esteem, a lack of motivation, a fear of failure, and a lack of empathy for others are all things that will hinder a child’s progress.
In our experience, if the child is enjoying the work, they will engage with it.

We are here to listen to your school, to find out more about your students, and to do what we can to help them achieve better at school. Therefore each ‘Creative Achiever’s project is unique to each school. Examples of how schools can utilise the ‘Creative Achievers’ model in their schools can be seen on the opposite page.