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 Finding the spark!


Finding a spark in a child, no matter how small can help ignite a fire that will burn bright for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this does not happen often! 

Through our workshops, courses and programmes we set out to help discover each pupils spark through the performing arts and film. It is then our role to help them have the confidence to believe that the spark they have can turn into something magical. 

Then we set about pushing the bounderies so that they can play around with their new found talents, taking risks, making mistakes, having fun with it, and then we apply these talents and skills to the profesional world of theatre and film, whereby they work cohesively within an ensemble to feed off eachother to create something fantastic.

When a student has gone through a creative process that is new, a magical thing happens. They are transported into a new world where learning is no longer a chore, but something to strive for. Things start to click into place. They start to think of the future. They want more!

"Bigfoot know and understand how to get the best out of students. They work inclusively with groups of differing abilities and yet at the same time are able to get them to collectively produce astounding work. Many students within my borough that have taken part in Bigfoot courses (Especialy the summer schools) have gone on to excel in their learning" - Stefani Shedden, Hounslow G&T Strand Coordinator