Enrichment Projects

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 Watch, engage, learn!


Bigfoot's 'Enrichment' programmes provide a detailed insight into a particular curriculum topic or theme. The programmes span Early Years, Primary & Secondary learning environments and incorporate three key areas of engagement.

Resources: Bigfoot create special curriculum resources for each project, helping teachers to engage with the work both prior to and post project.

Performance/Assembly: Your Bigfooter will often play a character in-role as the entry point for the project in order to engage the pupils and get them thinking about the topic at hand. From time to time, they will come out of role in the style of Forum Theatre and interact directly with the audience, encouraging them to participate.

Workshops: Your Bigfooter will then work with a number of class groups to explore the work further, allowing pupils to ask questions, try out different scenarios and to help decide on how the subject matter can be addressed and/or concluded.

Whether it be areas of Literacy, PSHCE, Citizenship or SEAL Bigfoot have something to offer your school in ANY Key Stage.