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Hello! We are Simon & Jo, Chieftains for Bigfoot Arts Education, Wales. We are a not for profit, social enterprise and have been working in schools and community settings across Wales for six years. At Bigfoot we dedicate ourselves to providing schools and organisations with unique programmes that offer a creative approach to teaching and learning 

It is important to us to ensure that Welsh children get fantastic learning opportunities to help them explore their creativity and to help them develop their talents and gifts in all areas of the arts.

We know and undertand that learning through the arts helps chidren improve in all areas of school, so our programmes and projects not only support and enrich curriculum areas such as PSE or literacy, but also focus on developing the key skills of each child so that they become confident communicators and team players - Important life skills!

We at Bigfoot also care about the histories, cultures and traditions of our great country and we want children to learn about their heritage and be abe to play a major part in the successful future of Welsh culture.