Story Tree Stories at Wilson Primary

Monday 16 March 2015

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Story Tree Stories at Wilson Primary

We had a wonderful day at Wilson Primary Schoool in Reading where Adrian spent the day working with Early Years classes delivering our renowned Story Tree Stories programme.

This is what they had to say about our visit...

‘Children and staff were enthused and motivated by the sessions - there was a real buzz from the children as they left the sessions.

Reception teachers praised the involvement of some quieter pupils who were taking part and speaking to others [and] a lot was crammed into each 30 minute session, so we definitely feel that it is value for money.

We have a high focus on story telling as we are part of the T4W project and this supported that, [especially] as the sessions occurred on our World Book Day celebrations and so highlighted the importance of storytelling.

Our Bigfooter’s enthusiasm and energy levels never dropped and the children who had the last session of the day had the exact same quality as those who had the first session- they were motivated and wanted to participate.’

Praise indeed!