The story of how the Bigfoot people first came to East Kent is very old. It tells of how they settled among the forebears of the Jutes (and their descendants) collecting and telling stories long before the great forests disappeared, when our unsceptred isle sat mist bound and adrift in an emerald sea.

Suffice to say, the present chieftain (Volponus Argentum) has stood atop the shoulders of giants (real giants) in this, his latest role. Many years spent on the squeaky boards have given him a terrific sense of fun and a delight in the transforming properties of drama. 

He has seen great, long strides made in the 6 short years of his tenure; the value of the expressive arts in the lives of our children has become unquestioned, and ways in which they can be used to engage their minds and stimulate their imaginations has embedded kinaesthetic teaching in many classrooms.

Bigfooters work on a regular basis with many primary and secondary schools in East Kent, putting our beliefs to the test, delivering outstanding programmes and rock solid, endlessly creative, supply and Music PPA cover.

We have created our own maths giant; “Agent C”; putting times tables to the sword everywhere! We are also working with teachers at Lydden Primary providing “Mantle of the Expert” .

Always growing, constantly innovating and developing, so that we inspire young Bigfooters to be like the best of us, as we are like the best of them.