Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire etc

Bigfoot has been roaming the area for the last five years on his journey to find the Story Tree and spread his knowledge of the arts to children everywhere.

In a secret location, in 2011 Lou met with Bigfoot himself. She had spent her whole life on her own creative quest. An intrepid adventurer- Lou has explored the far corners of the world, experimenting in theatre in the USA, performing in London, training at Central School of Speech and Drama and then 5 years being a super Bigfooter all trails led her to this meeting. Bigfoot knew that she was the one and he entrusted her with the responsibility of being a Bigfoot chieftain to continue his quest in Bristol, BANES, Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

As Bigfoot chieftain Lou takes her responsibility very seriously to ensure that all Bigfoot sessions provide a safe environment where children can reach their full potential and enjoy a creative experience. She is very proud of the work they have already done and how Bigfoot is instrumental in the development of arts in education.

To honour the legend Lou and her Bigfooters are always seeking out new schools to work with and develop ongoing relationships to see where the legendary Bigfoot’s next quest will lead him and us in our mission to bring the arts back into schools.